A Chester area family of ten’s only vehicle that can get them all from point A to point B was stolen during a holiday vacation.

Parents Marcus and Darla said their 15-passenger van was stolen while the family visited the The Alamo in San Antonio.

Two years ago the Nederland family of five adopted five boys.

“The opportunity came to keep a sibling group together and we felt that is what god called us to do,” Darla said.

“We wouldn't have a good life so we are thankful for Darla,” said son Zack.

And with such a big family, memorable family vacations are more feasible than individual gifts on holidays and birthdays. So over Thanksgiving the family went to San Antonio, where daughter Grace said she had a fun time.

“The Alamo, it was so pretty and you learn a ton of stuff,” Grace said.

Ironically it was after leaving the historic site when the vacation soured.

“I saw my daughters earphones on the ground, another couple's Mercedes van was broken into also” Marcus said. “It really sunk in when my 4-year-old walked on the lot and said "where’s the van?”

$22,000 for the Van, thousands of dollars of items inside... some of which only has sentimental value.

“I had my laptop that I had started doing my sermons on,” the parents said. “There's a nice camera we brought into Sea World, the laptop was full of pictures.”

That’s when the family built on faith said the blessings came pouring in from family and friends that made sure they didn’t get stranded on their holiday trip. The father is looking at the brighter side of the unfortunate situation.

“We are thankful everyone is safe” Marcus said.

The family does have insurance and is in process of paying off the remaining balance of the van that was a year and a half old.

A GoFundMe was created to help the family pay for a new van.