Owner of Triangle Lawn Specialists, David Rape states that his trailer was found in Port Arthur Monday morning.

The equipment was missing from the trailer but the trailer has been returned thanks to a Good Samaritan who called law enforcement.

Rape wants to thank everyone who made calls to help.

Previous reporting:

David Rape woke up this weekend to find his twenty foot cargo trailer missing from his landscape business in Nederland.

It happened on Twin City Highway outside of Triangle Lawn Specialists.

“This is the third time that we had equipment stolen from us.” Rape said.

He believes the thieves broke the locks from his trailer and took off with the trailer between 7 and 9 a.m. Sunday morning.

Rape has owned his business since 2011 and has seven employees who work every day doing landscaping around Southeast Texas.

“We’ve already had to call employees to tell them not to come to work tomorrow. We are down to very limited equipment.” He said.

Between the cost of the trailer and the landscaping equipment inside, Rape estimates about 45,000 dollars of hard work was stolen but he is more upset about how it will affect his workers.

“I just need help getting my equipment so that myself and my guys can get back to work.”

Rape did a file a police report with Nederland Police Department and other law enforcement agencies.

However, he is offering a reward for anyone who may have seen his trailer and can possible lead him to it.