A video game created by a Lamar University student is creating quite a buzz, the game "Borders” allows you to become the immigrant and see first-hand the struggles in crossing the border.

The ultimate goal for the creator, to shed light on the number of deaths at the U.S. - Mexican border.

Since the year 2,000 over 6,000 mothers, fathers, and children have died crossing the U.S. / Mexico border.

Up, down, left, and right are a few of the controls used to play the video game.

Its concept, the controversial plight of immigrants into the United States.

“Last years’ political campaigns had a lot of hate towards illegal immigration, and me being the son of immigrants, I wanted to make something people can assimilate what it's like for those who came before us,” says Senior at Lamar University, Gonzalo Alvarez.

Alvarez is a studio arts student at Lamar, and his game gives players a virtual look at the real life consequences of crossing the US / Mexican border.

“You can find "La Migra" [immigration] that are patrolling,” he says.

“You have to avoid them through the bushes, and you have to keep the hydration meter or you'll dehydrate,” he explains.

And if not careful, you become another one of the hundreds of skeletons dead on the screen.

“The skeletons allow people to see how many people die crossing the border, there are hundreds and hundreds of skeletons at the Mexican dessert that are unnamed,” says Alvarez

“That's a sad reality people need to know about,” he explains.

It’s a tragic end for those searching for the American dream.

“It's hard for immigrants trying to come to the U.S., the goal is to have more sympathy for them because without them I won’t be here, or many of us won’t be here,” Alvarez says.

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If you are interested in playing the game for yourself, CLICK HERE.