BEAUMONT -- For the the past two years, Gonzalo Alvarez has been balancing college and creating comic books based on Mexican Folklore. These are stories he was told as a child.

"I wanted to make a world that had all these Mexican icons I grew up with and to teach and also entertain people with the amazing characters that exist in Mexican Culture," said Gonzalo Alvarez.

A culture he is most proud and why he is basing his comic book series "The Legend of Polloman" on these Mexican Folklore stories. So with just ink and paper Alvarez got to work.

But as you know all villians need a superhero, which is where 'Polloman' or chicken in English comes in.

Polloman is a reflection of how Alvarez felt growing up as a Mexican America. In the beginning of the series, Polloman falls into the underworld where these Aztec creatures exist. There he has to figure out how to get home and fight off villains all while finding his inner strength. Alvarez says he was a shy kid growing up but with each obstacle he faced his confidence in himself grew.

"The character, like I said, is this timid boy who goes from being a loser to being a hero and so I guess I personally had that same transformation, I guess, growing up I was always kind of the outcast and so I felt that, that was a big part of me."

Looking back on who he was and seeing how far he has come makes this college senior proud. Proud of his family and thankful for their sacrifice to ensure his future was his own. And mostly proud that he created a character in which kids can relate.

"I just want to be a role model for young Hispanics and just for anyone with this work."

There will be a total of 6 books in the series.

If you wish to learn more about Gonzalo Alvarez's comic book or his video gamer "Borders" -- below are links to all his social media and websites.




Gonzalo Alvarez is also available on twitter, facebook, instagram, and all social media -- just look up @gonzzink