A Lake Charles woman says she is grateful to be alive after suffering through a brutal beating at the hands of her former boyfriend.

Thursday Lloyd Jeffrey Doyle was sentenced to serve 50 years behind bars for the crime.

"It's a big relief. He can't hurt me or my kids ever."

Rebecca Holland faced her abuser in an Orange County courtroom Thursday. The victim recounted to 128th District Court Judge Courtney Arkeen what she can remember from February.

Nine months ago Holland was beaten from head to toe for more than five hours.

During the rounds of torture, Doyle drove Holland from Lake Charles to Orange County.

The beating continued along the way.

"He broke my arm, he knocked me out," said Holland. "He did things to me I don't even remember [when I woke] up in the trunk of my car."

They ended up at a bank in Mauriceville where Holland managed to escape.

Despite being numb from repeated punching, blood flowing from countless wounds and the searing pain of broken bones, Holland made her way to a house where the homeowners dialed 911.

"I fought for five hours for my life, for my kids," said Holland.

As she began to heal, going through surgeries and treatments for her wounds, Holland's abuser was arrested.

Doyle pled guilty to aggravated kidnapping Thursday.

Judge Arkeen sentenced him to 50 years in prison, charged him a fine and ordered him to pay $17,000 in restitution.

"He deserves every bit of it," said Holland. "Nobody knows what I went through that night."

While sharing the gritty details of that night of horror is painful, Holland says she has to speak out.

She hopes other women will see the dangers of staying in abusive relationships and find the strength to leave.

"I thought I could fix him. You cannot fix an abuser," said Holland. "The first hit, the first yell...hand raised, go. Turn. Don't go back...they will kill you."

Holland is sharing the gruesome images taken the night of her beating to show the very real dangers of abusive relationships.

She says there is a way out.

If you're looking for help call Family Services of Southeast Texas.

24-hour domestic violence hotline number: 1-800-621-8882.

Services at Family Services Women and Children's Shelter are confidential and totally free of charge.