The Kirbyville CISD school board has announced Lynn Hogg as the new principal of Kirbyville
High School.

Hogg was recently an assistant principal at Jasper Elementary school. He also worked at other school districts like Burkeville, Newton and Ehrart ISD.

Several Kirbyville residents went to the special school board meeting and were pleasantly surprised when the school board picked Hogg as the new principal.

“I think that Lynn will be a great addition to the high school and I know he will do what’s best for the kids and the students,” said community for change member Michelle Mauer.

Kirbyville CISD superintendent Tommy Wallis said he is confident that Hogg will help the district move forward.

“He is a great man and I believe he will do the right thing for our kids and put the kids first,” said Dr. Wallis.

This special school board meeting took place a little over a month after Dennis Reeves’ tragic suicide.

Dr. Wallis said Hogg lives in Kirbyville and used to be a former teacher and coach for the district. He also served as a principal and assistant superintendent at Burkeville ISD and as an assistant principal at Netwon ISD.

“I know that we needed to find the right person for the job to heal and work through Kirbyville CISD and Kirbyville high school,” said Wallis.

Members of the community for change activist group said they are happy with the school district’s choice but said they are still fighting for change with the school board and superintendent.

"I feel like it takes a group of people to create a change, it takes one person to have a voice, you can’t be afraid and it shows people in the community definitely are not afraid,’’ said public relations director Brent Collins. “It shows people in community aren’t afraid they definitely have a voice they are sticking together and want to see change in our town and want the best for children.”

Dr. Wallis said the school district is working on reviewing principal candidates for the junior high and elementary school.

Wallis said once they hire principals they will be able to choose their own assistant principals to work with them.