Some Kirbyville residents claim the Kirbyville CISD superintendent’s actions during a meeting with late high school principal Dennis Reeves drove Reeves to commit suicide two weeks ago.

Mark Meredith has lived in Kirbyville his whole life.

He feels that the Dr. Tommy Wallis was not the best fit to lead the district even before Dr. Wallis was hired. That was part of the reason he came to Janice's Dinner Bell Cafe to voice his concerns.

"I did speak out to the school board, three or four months ago, that I had concerns that there were some things, news coming up with his former employers and stuff and the court cases, that just to me, it didn't make good sense to hire the man," Meredith said.

And after learning about a meeting between Dr. Wallis and Dennis Reeves two weeks ago, several residents claim Wallis' actions drove Reeves to kill himself in the high school parking lot.

A Kirbyville Police Department report noted that Dr. Wallis confronted Reeves about an alleged affair with a former secretary.

Kirbyville High School senior Raveen Young told 12 News before the meeting she feels uncertain about what lies ahead for next year.

"Whatever happens tonight, or what [Dr.] Wallis decides, it's going to be a whole new school, and I'm kind of afraid of that because we had a good school going on this year and last year, I just don't know what to expect my senior year," Young said.

Meanwhile, Meredith is hoping that the whole truth surrounding the school administrators is brought to light.

"There's a long road ahead of everybody here, whether Mr. Wallis stays his tenure or he's gone next week. This community's got a lot of healing to do, and in time it will come," Meredith said.

12 News reached out to the superintendent about Monday night's meeting but he did not respond with a comment.

Meeting organizers say they plan to hold another meeting in a few weeks.