A Kirbyville activist group and other individuals showed up at the Kirbyville CISD School Monday night to discuss their concerns with the school board following the death of Dennis Reeves.

The Kirbyville Community for change activist group asked the board for transparency and addressed the board directly on several issues they had with the trustees.

“We have been shown by your actions and inactions, just how far you will go to not be transparent” stated Michelle Mauer with the Community for Change organization.

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Dozens of people wore shirts that said “community for change “at the school board meeting at 7 p.m on Monday. Members of the group and individuals questioned the School Board about Superintendent Tommy Wallis and his actions the day of Reeve’s death.

“You should probably do a full investigation of the truth before bullying or threatening a man,” said Kirbyville Resident Rikki Meredith.

Other people at the meeting like Stacy Hooker emphasized that the board didn’t properly vet Wallis when looking to hire a Superintendent.

“How in good faith exactly did the board come together in a united front without anyone wavering, how you come to the conclusion to make this man our superintendent,” said Hooker.

While there was criticism during the meeting, other people who attended the meeting showed support for Dr. Wallis.

“It’s a complete conspiracy theory and it’s unfortunate what happened and you can’t change that I feel compassion for the Reeve’s family” stated Mayor Frank George.

George emphasized that no school documents were destroyed after Reeves’ apparent suicide.

Members of the board stood in support of Wallis at the end of the meeting stating that they are backing him. School Board President Chad George stated that the board did the proper vetting of Dr. Wallis and said he was very honest during the interview process.

“No one has pushed this board to hire Dr. Wallis. He came to us as an award-winning administrator” stated the board of trustees.

The board stated that they cooperated with keeping school documents and have cooperated with law enforcement, the Reeves Family and the media.

The board emphasized that the community should question the representative of the Reeve’s family, Chip Ferguson, calling him misleading.

“These actions suggest greater interest in making sensational headlines than learning the truth about Mr. Reeves” stated the board.

Kirbyville CISD Board Statement