With summer coming closer to an end, there's a new concern for those living in Kirbyville, who is going to fill up the number of staff vacancies in the school district.

The first day back to school is in less than 10 weeks.

Compared to other districts in the same school division, Kirbyville has a total of 22 vacancies which include 2 Principals, an Assistant Principal, over half a dozen teachers and staff personnel.

Buna has 14 job openings, Woodville 12, Kountze 16, and Anahuac 11, putting Kirbyville up high on the list of vacancies with 22 empty spots.

"We need a good administration and staff so that kids can connect," says Paula Gunter, mother of 5 Kirbyville C.I.S.D. students.

12News has reached out to several administrators and were unable to receive a response.

Kirbyville C.I.S.D. Job Openings:

High School Campus

Junior High Campus

Elementary School Campus

Support Staff

If you are interested in applying for any of the job openings, CLICK HERE.