An Orange County jury gave a man a 15-year prison sentence in the killing of a couple that was very close to retirement and the high school graduation of a son.

30-year-old Travis Collins pleaded guilty to two counts of intoxication manslaughter.

Police say Collins was drunk and speeding when his truck went airborne over railroad tracks and landed on top of the motorcycle occupied by 54-year-old Riley Portie and his 50-year-old wife Emily.

Running out of the courtroom in tears, the Collins family was devastated in the verdict.

"The justice system is broken and it does not work," says Shawn Anderson, cousin of Collins.

He compared the trial to that of former West Orange-Stark football coach Carl Broussard earlier this year, he was given 10-year probation for the death of a mother and daughter who were killed in 2015.

"Like the coach, he should have been given the same opportunity to go back to his family," Anderson says.

"My cousin stayed there, he didn't run," he says.

"Obviously that didn't mean nothing to the jurors or the judge," Anderson explains.

Phillip Smith, attorney for the prosecutors says "Mr. Broussard was driving at the same speed as everyone in that road, every case is presented in a case by case basis and there is no specific formula."

After the verdict was read, family members gathered to watch Collins get transferred to the Orange County Jail.

"Walk in God's path," says one of the relatives.

"I love you," another shouts out.

It's their final farewells before Collins serves his 15-year sentence.

"I'm just going to say, the system doesn't work for us," Anderson says.

"It works for other people but not us," he explains.

The attorney for Collins says he feels that the sentence was fair.

He says that his client got closure by apologizing to the family of both Riley and Emily Portie.