A Jefferson County jury is set to resume deliberations Friday in teh trial of a Beaumont man accused of causing injuries to his elderly mother that ultimately led to her death.

Police say Larry Gilbert, 68, was caring for his mother when he beat her numerous times.

"I think that if justice prevails with the truth I've told, I think I should be set free." said Gilbert.

Dorris Thomas was 83-years-old when she was transported to a hospital in August of 2014 for breathing difficulty. Doctors discovered Thomas had extensive bruising and eventually died in hospital. An autopsy revealed she suffered a ruptured spleen, numerous fractured ribs, multiple bruises of the head, neck, chest, and extremities at various stages of healing.

Gilbert testified in his own defense Wednesday, admitting he was in "over his head" when he was providing care for his mother in the last 6 months she was alive. Gilbert says his mother weighed over 235 pounds while he was only 165 pounds. He said caring for her was a struggle.

"Her happiness was most important to me because I knew her time of life and phase of life, that she may not have that many years left and it turned out she did." Gilbert said.

In earlier testimony, prosecutors say investigators found makeup on Thomas' legs, saying it was Gilbert who was trying to cover up his mother's bruises.

Police say when they questioned Gilbert about the injuries, he admitted to going overboard "mishandling" his mother, pushing her head, stomach and breast area to do what he said.

Gilbert is charged with injury to the elderly. Jury will resume deliberations Thursday at 8:30 A.M. in Judge Raquel West's 252nd District Court.