A judge in Galveston County has ruled for the county in it's quest to close a popular fishing spot on the Bolivar Penninsula.

Judge Barbara Roberts  signed an order on Wednesday that Galveston County's motion for "Summary Judgment Regarding Right to Take" was granted paving the way for the county to close Rollover Pass.

The fight over closing the popular fishing spot has been going on since 2009 when the Texas General Land Office was given the authority to close the pass by the Texas Legislature.

The project, funded by an $8.5 million grant, was set to have started in August 2009 and end this August.

The Gulf Coast Rod, Reel and Gun Club owns almost 16 acres that surround the pass and has been fighting seizure through eminent domain of the property by Galveston County.

The Texas GLO , which has argued for years that the pass causes issues on the beach and in the bay, does not have the authority to take private property but the county does.

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