12News has learned that two candidates in Jefferson County are requesting a recount.

GOP chair Dr. Garrett Peel told 12News the party along with Ray Beck and Luke Nichols have requested a recount of their races and verification of voter signatures.

Ray Beck was defeated by Democratic candidate Zena Stephens in the Jefferson County Sheriff's race by 2,431 votes.

Nichols was defeated by Democratic candidate Terrence Holmes in the County Court-at-Law 2 race by 1,576 votes.

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In a statement released Wednesday Peel said, “Our goal is to make sure every vote is counted accurately. We are confident in the integrity of the recount process and hope to have expeditious resolutions to both contests”

Jefferson County Democratic Party chairman Cade Bernsen told 12News, "Professional men and women from both the Republican and Democratic parties oversaw the vote counting process and performed their duties with honor. This election was resolved by our democratic process on election night"

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Recount requests are filed in writing through Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick's office however the judge's office has not received any request as of Wednesday afternoon according to Fred Jackson, staff attorney for Judge Branick's office.

The cost of the recount would be determined by which ballots and the number of boxes involved in each recount Jackson told 12News.

Once the recount has been requested each party will be able to nominate poll watchers to watch and verify the recount Jackson said.