A letter from Jefferson County District Attorney Bob Wortham has become the last straw in a fight over whether David Bellow is allowed to run for Wortham's post.

12News has learned the Jefferson County Republican Party will not be allowed to certify Bellow to be on the March or November ballots.

In the letter, Wortham noted that the State Bar of Texas had not found Bellow to be a practicing attorney and stated that Bellow was therefore ineligible under the Texas Government Code.

In response, Bellow Friday released a statement that read, "The law is clear that I must be placed on the primary ballot for the March 6th Primary Election. Furthermore, the Texas Constitution does not require that a candidate be a licensed attorney to run for or even hold the office. The Texas Supreme Court should be deciding these issues soon. It does not surprise me though that the current DA does not want to face a challenge or have to answer the important questions and issues his office is facing under his leadership."

If on the ballot, Bellow would have challenged Wortham, a Democrat, on the November ballot.