Less than a week away from Election Day 2016 and thousands of Southeast Texans have already hit the polls.

For those who are planning on waiting till the last minute will see something different this election season, Constables.

"We have asked for the Constables to police our areas at the voting locations this election period." said Carolyn Guidry, Jefferson County Clerk.

Starting Friday, November 4th and on Election Day, all six Jefferson County Constables will be on site at these voting locations:

  • Port Arthur Sub-Courthouse
  • Rogers Park
  • Theodore Johns Library
  • John Paul Davis Community Center
  • Marion and Ed Hughes Public Library

Guidry tells 12News the decision was made because of all the "election tension" across the country. She also wants the safety of poll workers as well as voters.

"I think its a good thing because its been a pretty heated election. Lots of angry people." William Rogers said.

The 27-year-old is a teacher at Nederland High School and was at Rogers Park voting Tuesday.

Voter, Amina Jones, says lines have gotten long at Rogers Park in the past and believes having security on site is a great idea.

"It gets pretty crazy around here especially on Election Day." she said.

Last day of early voting is Friday. Polls open at 7 A.M. and close at 7 P.M.