Alfred Arredondo made sure to hit the polls on the last day of early voting.

He wants to avoid the crowds and make his visit to the polls painless.

"I think a lot of people are going to be last minute voters and that's going to cause our election day to be very crowded," Arredondo believes.

Those last minute voters are why Jefferson County constables and deputy constables will be at all polling locations for the final hour of voting.

Precinct One constable Earl White says he wants to ensure safety for poll workers who may be working through the night.

"We're just pitching in, Mrs. Guidry was trying to be proactive. We're going to help her out, we don't anticipate any problems. We expect a smooth operation on Election Day, it could be high voter numbers so we'll be there to be visible," White said.

Arredondo thinks his county's law enforcement is doing the right thing.

"I think we're very secure here in Jefferson County, as for voter security they are going to take care of us," Arredondo said.