Drivers will soon be seeing a highway tracker on I10.

On Monday, Jefferson County Commissioners approved license plate readers to be installed throughout the highway during a meeting with Jefferson County Sheriff, Zena Stephens.

"In order to operate any equipment on state highways, we have to have their approval. So it enhances what we've been doing already in terms of working the highways." said Stephens.

Sheriff Stephens says the license plate readers will help deputies find drivers with warrants, violation of law, and detect cars that have been reported stolen.

"We have already been using them on different roadways all over the county." she said.

Stephens did not specify where exactly the devices will be in place but says the decision is about crime prevention.

"It gives us the ability to get based information that's already put in the system. It gives us the ability to track people and locate people we may be looking for." Stephens told 12News.

License plate readers can also be used for AMBER and Silver alerts.

The device will go into effect immediately according to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.