The chemical attack in Syria hits too close to home for one Jasper family.

The Chenyworth’s are preparing to say goodbye to their beloved husband and father, who died after decades of fighting the deadly Agent Orange chemical.

“I would love to hear him call me one more time, I spent my first time alone last night,” says Connie Chenyworth, wife of the Vietnam Veteran Roy Chenyworth.

Tears flowing down at a flower shop, a Jasper family mourning the loss of their beloved hero.

“It's so hard, I just miss him,” Connie explains.

77-year-old Roy Chenyworth was a Vietnam Veteran, he passed away due to health complications after being exposed to the warfare chemical while overseas.

Agent Orange is a powerful mixture of chemicals used by the United States military to eliminate forest cover for troops, as well as crops used to feed them.

“Very hazardous to all the services man then were there, they have a lot of Vietnam Veterans with this even if they weren’t in direct contact or exposed,” says Stacy Hartstine, oldest daughter of the Cheney’s.

The past chemical attacks in Syria is a scary thought for the family.

“I don’t care where you're from, what nationality, you should not be exposed to chemical warfare,” Hartstine explains.

“If we know that a country is making chemical weapons, we should make sure that those countries are safe,” says Hartstine.

Now, the family is left bury their hero who risked his life for the service of others.

“I love him, I’m glad he can finally be able to rest,” his daughter Hartstine explains.

Chenyworth worked as a mechanic, Jasper County Jailer, and even volunteered in the Jasper Fire Department.

A special military service will be held on Saturday, April the 8th at 1 pm at the Shultz funeral home in Jasper.