A Jasper man clipped his beard in order to honor the life of his friend Tommy Word, who lost his battle against melanoma.

"He was more like a mentor you know man he was kind of like family. Anytime I had a question about the truck, or advice on racing or really anything he was there with the answers he was just a really good guy."

Tvrz committed to shaving his nearly two foot long red beard in order to raise at least $1,000 to donate to MD Anderson for Cancer research.

"Altogether we ended up raising $1255 which is a pretty good amount” stated Tvrz.

Video of the trim has spread quickly on Facebook after Tvrz’s sister shared it with 12News.

It’s an example that any effort can make a huge contribution to the fight against cancer.

"I hope what I did opens up everyone's heart to realize that they can help a little bit, that they can do what they can and give what they can."