The Islamic Society of the Triplex celebrated the grand opening of its new mosque on the sixteenth day in the fasting month of Ramadan.

"It's like a final step in a thirty year process," Fahee Al-Uqdah said.

Al-Uqdah believes the new mosque opening is a sign of the growth the Muslim community has shown here in Southeast Texas.

On Sunday, dozens of people took part in an interfaith ceremony, dinner and a viewing of the Muslim prayer at sunset.

Taha Khan feels that seeing several city officials at the ceremony will inspire others to join in the future.

"We want to send a message really that you know an Islamic center is nothing to be afraid of, we're welcoming people and we want to showcase that," Khan said.

Al-Uqdah thinks this will help shine a positive light on the Muslim community.

"We get to know more people and they get to know us, they will say that we are American as apple pie," Al-Uqdah said.

Other local churches representing at tonight's opening included the catholic diocese of Beaumont and the Church of Latter Day Saints from Orange.