“Pretty much whenever I go to Laredo I really like (check),” said Ron Portillo, a truck driver. “I’ve heard some stories like you never know what they might put inside if you’re not really careful on it.”

Portillo has been driving trucks for 3 years. Based out of Houston his route will take him through Laredo where several immigrants were said to have boarded a big rig only for 10 of them to tragically perish in San Antonio in the trailer. The driver of the truck claims he didn’t know what he was carrying. Portillo always makes sure to check his load.

“Before I close my doors, I go up and I just look and see if there is anything suspicious looking in my truck,” said Portillo

Portillo tries to do this before his load is sealed. Meaning the company he is transporting for has already inspected the cargo and approved it for delivery. However, Once the load is sealed the drivers aren’t allowed break it. And Portillo says if someone was in the truck after the seal, he wouldn’t know unless they were making a lot of noise.

“The only way I would know is if someone was banging on the sides of my trailer,” said Portillo. “Once you (don’t) have the windows open and that truck is running, it’s hard to hear man.”

Other truck drivers that spoke to 12News say that while it is possible to get a sealed load with unknown cargo, it would be very hard not to hear people banging on the sides of the trailer in distress.