Car after car drove into the parking lot of Cathedral Church in Beaumont on Friday. Drivers waited for hours to get a case of water and other needs.

Diedra Bell of Beaumont was the 6th car in line and waited since noon.

“I heard about Cathedral and one of my friends told me, so we kinda scared because we never saw such drastic change of the Hurricane Harvey doing so much damage. Never dreamed of this.” Said Bell.

Cathedral church members distributed supplies at 5 p.m. and volunteers not only were handing out water, but burgers too.

Some volunteers also gave drive-thru prayers as drivers waited.

“They are getting food, they are getting supplies, they are getting drive-thru prayers, and getting blessings.” Said volunteer, Aaron Schexnyder.

Senior Pastor Randy Feldschau said about 700 cars showed up on Thursday for supplies.

On Friday, about 650 cars received supplies.

“I just want to challenge the pastors, let’s all come together, let’s all put our part and our communities.” Said Feldschau.

Cathedral Church will distribute more supplies on Saturday at 1 p.m. They are located at 2350 Eastex Freeway.