Several people gathered to pray for the dogs lost in last year's fire at the Humane Society of Southeast Texas.

Some feel that day is a reminder that many other animals need saving.

For Breeana Porter, not a day goes by that she doesn't think about last year's fire that took 74 little lives.

One thing that she remembers the most is coming back the next day following the fire and seeing two little puppies dropped off that needed shelter.

"One of them was actually here today and we got to see her all grown up and that was great,” Porter said.

“It just really emphasizes the fact that we are still needed," Porter believes.

The fire reduced the number of animals the shelter could house to around 90. The Humane Society of Southeast Texas has plans in place to help other animals looking for a forever home.

Monica Lee, the development director says that they have raised $4.3 of the $7 million they need for a new shelter that would hold over 200 animals.

"Hopefully adoption rates will also increase," Lee said.

"You're going to have a shorter stay time with more animals which means a ton more lives saved, which is our sole purpose," Lee said.

Despite the current shelter's small space, Porter's passion for animals like Rocco has not changed.

"We're doing it for the animals we're doing it to move forward and we hope that we'll get in that new facility that's going to be able to help more animals and more people in the community as well," Porter said.

Humane Society's new shelter will be built on North Major Drive near FM 105 once all the money has been raised.