Just hours after a man was shot to death in North Beaumont, who was the 9th one killed in the city limits this year, dozens of families gathered together in hopes of spreading a message of unity against violence.

The "Stop the violence" rally was held Saturday morning in the corner of Concord road and East Lucas Drive.

"Even while at the peace rally, I'm looking around being alert for in case something happens," says Beaumont resident who goes by the name of Biggs.

It's a wakeup call for dozens of people in Beaumont.

"It's a self check, when we see death, we start to realize the true essence of life, that's what this casket represents," says Geary Senigaur, event organizer.

A casket was placed on the busy intersection of Concord and Lucas. it's a reminder of the lives already taken away.

So far, Beaumont has seen it's 9th homicide this year alone.

Just in the month of June, the death of 19-year-old Kera Teel and her unborn child, who was shot to death in the parking lot of her apartment complex.

Alkevin Glen Mire, 28 was also killed, and investigators say he was shot in the 4500 block of harding street.

His 7-year-old daughter also seriously wounded.

Another victim here in Beaumont, 54-year-old Catherine Jane Dungan, a homeless woman whose body was found at Collier's Ferry Park after police say she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted.

And the last death in the month of June, 35-year-old Cedathion Rashard Dill, who was killed at the Pointe North Apartments off Magnolia Avenue.

"This is my ward, this is my city, that's what matters to me," says City Councilman Audwin Samuels.

"This is what it's going to have to be, people coming together solving differences, dealing with issues and acting proactive rather then reacting to the things that happen," Councilman Samuels say.

This rally, hoping to trigger the minds of those passing by into making the city safe for future generations.

"I'm charging all the people of Beaumont to get together," says Senigaur.