Violence hits close to home for Beaumont leader of the 'stop the violence' movement, he tells us that he was targeted in an arson incident.

"Somebody tried to set my house on fire," Geary Senigaur Jr. says, a leader in the 'Stop The Violence" movement.

It was quite a scary site for Senigaur, a portion of his home was still covered in ashes Wednesday morning.

"When I got here right after midnight, the fire had just started," he says.

Beaumont firefighters responded to the fire on the 800 block of Goliad, the burn marks are now part of an arson investigation.

"That was a deliberate attempt," Senigaur says.

"There's a trail of gas headed towards the gas meter," he says, "the house could have blown up!"

He's now keeping in mind his safety and the safety of his community.

"It just motivates me to keep pushing the agenda of stopping the violence," he says.

"There are sick people in this world," Senigaur explains.

He is now speaking up in hopes of not seeing this same incident happen again.

"It's not about who or why someone did it, it's about what they did in 2017," Senigaur explains.

Captain Brad Pennison confirms to 12news the case is being investigated as arson.

He is asking people to be vigilant of criminal activity and says it's best to report any suspicious behavior.

If a suspect in this case is identified, they could face a second-degree felony charge and carry a sentence of up to 20 years in prison with a fine of $10,000.