On Monday, Hardin-Jefferson ISD board voted in favor of the District of Innovation to allow the district for more "local control."

The board voted unanimously on Monday night. State Representative James White also attended the meeting.

White told 12News he voted for the legislation that gives HJISD the authority to as for more local control.

The plan will be in acted starting January 1st 2017.

A board meeting for the Hardin-Jefferson Independent School District Monday, may hold more suspense than usual.

An HJISD mom is asking parents to show up for this one.

A vote slated for the board could impact students.

The school board is voting to ask the Texas Education Agency for more local control.

Karen Kiesling says the district's proposal needs some work.

She's a proud Hardin- Jefferson hawk. Kiesling has two boys in HJISD. One student is in the 3rd grade and the other in 9th.

Kiesling says she's excited for the future of the district but is having concerns about an upcoming school board vote.

The school board is preparing to submit an application to the TEA, asking to become a "district of innovation."

If granted, HJ would have more local control to make changes like class size per teacher.

Kiesling is alarmed that the proposal does not set classroom size caps, teacher certification standards or a clear start and end day for the school year.

"This is important. If this is something good that's going to happen, it needs to happen for the right reasons [and] it needs to have parameters," said Kiesling. "This board that we have may have all the great intentions of following through with what their goals are but who's to say that board is going to be here next year or the year after."

Kiesling says a future board could even make a mess of the district if they misuse a relaxing of the rules.

"[They'll say] well, we can save a bunch of money, we can go ahead and overcrowd the classrooms and hire non-certified teachers and push our certified teachers out," said Kiesling. "The great district that we have at Hardin-Jefferson will not be so great anymore."

The HJ mom believes other parents also need to voice their concerns to the board to ensure that specifics are added to their plan before it is submitted to the TEA.

12News reached out to the school board and administrators to see where they think the plan will most benefit students. The messages were not been returned as of Friday evening.

The school board meeting is Monday at 7 p.m. at the HJISD Administration building on Herring St. in Sour Lake.