A historic church in Downtown Beaumont is being resurrected all thanks to one pastor.

Stained glass windows, rows of pews, once a place of worship for hundreds, Westminster Presbyterian Church was built in 1911 and closed in 2009.

That’s where Riverside Presbyterian Church Pastor David Young, envisions preaching the word of God.

“There’s an amazing church history of the people, the faith, and we would love to see a return to that here as Riverside.” Said Young.

The church caught the eye of Pastor Young and another church member.

“We would pass by this place, we knew it was vacant, and he was the one who said wouldn’t it be great if we ended up here and we are Presbyterian Church they used to be a Presbyterian Church. It was like a merger of great dreams.”

Renovations are in the works already in hopes to bring the church to its former glory as well as the old Sunday school building next door.

Young told 12News it’s going to take two to five years to complete renovations. He also explained the project is also another way to bring more crowd to relive Downtown Beaumont.

“We can grow here. This would be a place that we can meet, fellowship, we can have meals here and do a lot of things here and grow before we get to the sanctuary.”

Young estimates the renovation project will cost about $1.5 million.