The City of Groves is warning those living in older homes to check their pipes after high levels of lead were found in the plumbing of some homes.

Groves City Manager D.E. Sosa says homes, specifically those built in the 60's and 70's, have plumbing that could have lead in the soldering.

Sosa says the six homes out of 30 tested had a little less than double the acceptable levels.

There have not been any reported illnesses, but according to the EPA, young kids can be at risk for developmental or behavioral problems due to lead exposure.

Dan Jenkins lives in his home with nine other family members ranging in age from three months to 63-years-old.

"I don't want to be drinking water and find lead in it," Jenkins said. "And then find out get tested I've got lead poisoning. Anyone in my family, my wife, daughter, grandson her husband. I'm very very concerned about it."

His in-laws built his home in 1951.

"They have piping under here that's older than I am," Jenkins said.

Sosa says if you have concerns, running your water for 10-15 seconds before use will be long enough to flush out the bad water.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends flushing water lines for one to two minutes before cooking.

Sosa emphasizes that this problem is not an issue with city water.

"All it means is that there are homes in groves that were built in a time frame where copper and lead were built in the solder," Sosa said. "It's indicative of the individual home. Not the city's water system.

The lead from the soldering in the pipes can leach into whatever water may be sitting in your pipes for an extended period of time according to Sosa.

The city plans to test lead and copper levels again in January.