Drivers in Orange County were hard hit by heavy rains, Thursday morning. Some motorists were stuck in their vehicles, while some homeowners couldn't leave their houses.

I-10 at Highway 62 inundated with water on the road.

Dozens of cars on the feeder road on 1-10 in Orange were stranded by rising water.

Donna Cormier told 12News, "right now I feel like I'm a drowned rat"

Cormier is from Bridge City and was on her way to a doctors appointment when she was forced to seek refuge at the Exxon station

"It was barely raining, but then, by the time I got out of the thing it was pouring and you couldn't see in front of you with no time and the streets were flooded and you couldn't go anywhere."

At one point, the water rising so fast, the I-10 feeder road in front of the Flying J gas station was closed, but it has since reopened

Donna says, thankfully her red Dodge Avenger was not damaged and she learned a valuable lesson about avoiding flooded roadways. .