Before Sunday’s cattle auction, East Chambers High School junior Savannah McLaurin was working with her cow Ray and battling a windy day.

"It's been a little hectic. It has her acting more frisky, but she's the queen of the show so anything she wants she pretty much gets," McLaurin said.

On windy days like today, the Beaumont Police Department monitors weather conditions for the safety of both animals and people.

If the weather turns severe, patrons are asked to move into the exhibit hall while the storm passes.

Assistant Police Chief Jim Clay also wants to offer some advice if people are concerned about the weather.

"Just make sure you know where the exhibit hall is, where the buildings are that you can take shelter to get out of the weather, be aware of your surroundings," Clay said.

Despite the dust kicking up, McLaurin says being in the barn is something she loves doing.

"Just putting hands on her and making sure she's used to me and learning to bond with her and building a relationship,”

“I'm just hoping that we make sale and we do good tonight," McLaurin said.