A Hamshire-Fannett parent said he is not happy with the Jefferson county sheriff’s office investigation after he said his son’s life was threatened over text messages on Tuesday afternoon.

Deputies responded to Hamshire-Fannett High School but would not comment on the nature of the threat.

The parent who wants to remain anonymous for safety reasons said it’s hard for him to sleep at night after his son received a message telling him to meet him at an address off Old Gilbert Road.

The text message also said: “I’ll bring my gun there too so pick wisely."

"I’m scared for my son, I'm scared for him being a target, it’s a terrifying thing for him," said the parent.

His son found a picture posted online of a gun, money and drugs which mentions the name of the student who made the threats.

He believes the picture was taken across from the school and was posted on instagram just a day before his son received the messages.

“Why and how, how can this happen?” "How can this happen at a little school like Hamshire Fannett?” said the concerned parent.

The father said the Jefferson county sheriff’s office is not doing enough to retrieve the gun but deputies said they are investigating the threats and that the case is more complicated than it may appear.

The Sheriff’s office would not confirm if a gun was mentioned in the messages or if they are looking into the picture posted on social media.

Deputies said they questioned the students involved and then released them to their parents.

"Right now my son does not want to go back to this school due to the fact that he doesn’t feel secure he knows a gun is floating around," said the father.

The father says the threats have not stopped and said he hopes the person responsible is punished so his son can go back to normal life.

"Imagine, would you want your kid to go through this and have to watch his back at school today and not know what happened knowing a gun is floating around,” said the parent.

Hamshire Fannett ISD superintendent Dwaine Augustine said the district has taken appropriate action based on the student code of conduct regarding the threats but would not confirm if the student was expelled.

The father said he is happy with how the school handled the situation.