A Groves woman is upset at a local cemetery after her mother's headstone was moved from her grave site without permission.

"I was not happy this was my mom, it was her final resting spot," said Suzette Harper. 

Suzette Harper, of Groves, tells 12News that the headstone on her mothers grave at Greenlawn Memorial Park in Groves was removed without her permission. She said her mother passed away four years ago at 63-years-old from a rare disease.

"She was a fighter, if anyone knew my mom she was a fighter," said Harper. 

Harper said she noticed the headstone was missing on March 9, 2017, when she attended the funeral of an uncle, who was buried near her mom. 

She said the headstone had been moved to a spot about 30 - 40 feet away from the grave.

Harper tells 12News she complained at least three times about the headstone being moved before it was moved back to her mother's grave site on Monday, April 10. 

However, when she went to visit the grave on Monday she found her mother's tombstone sitting on top of two of her other family member's tomb stones.

"Now I see a headstone and my grandmothers and grandfathers on top of my moms and I'm going back to work thinking what is going on," said Harper.

When Harper visited the cemetery on Thursday everything was back to normal but she said her mother deserves way better treatment..

"I'm going to take care of her like I took care of her then," said Harper. "This is her final resting spot like you are going to respect that."

Harper said this is not the first problem she experienced with the memorial park. 

She claims  the company told her she would not be able to bury another family member next to her mother.

Service Corporation International, which operates the cemetery refused to comment on Harper's complaints and instead released a statement .

Statement from Service Corporation International...

“As part of our commitment to all of our client families, we guard their privacy and because of this, we do not discuss specific client concerns with the media.

Instead it is our policy to work to resolve any possible concerns directly with client families.”