A video of a burnout and an ensuing wreck that occurred Tuesday night in Groves has gotten a lot of play on Facebook.

A 12News viewer sent us this video showing a Chevy Blazer doing a burnout on Pure Atlantic Drive in Groves at about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night.

In the video, which has received almost 50,000 views on a street racing page, a white truck rear-ends the Blazer and shoves it into a parked car.

Photo/Viewer photo

According to the 12News viewer the driver of the white truck was an off-duty law enforcement officer

Groves City Marshall Norman Reynolds Jr., did confirm to 12News that the driver of one of the vehicles was an off-duty law enforcement officer.

He also said that no alcohol was involved in the accident.

Reynolds told 12News that the driver of the Blazer doing the burnout was cited for lack of insurance.

According to Reynolds about an hour later police received a call about street racing in the same area.