Its the story that has the entire Lumberton community in shock. More than 50 thousand dollars allegedly stolen from the Lumberton High School Mighty Raider Band Booster Club.

"So sad for the children. That's what affects you." said Laynette Barks, President of the Lumberton Chamber of Commerce.

Barks told 12News the annual Village Creek Festival this week will not only have its usual activities and contests, it will also be used to give the boosters a boost.

"We are going to try and get the whole community to go out there. The boosters are going to be selling discount cards anything they can do to raise money." Barks said.

Ricky Simmons is the Vice President of "Triple S" industrial corporation in Lumberton. The company decided to give up their booth at the festival this year for the club.

"It is about giving back to the community. That's what we believe in." Simmons told 12News.

Members will be selling $20 dollar discount cards and will be selling World Finest Chocolate at the festival.

Band booster club president, Randy Eason released this statement to 12News:

"I would like to thank the community for coming together and helping the band through this rough spot. We are a great community with great people."

The club also has a GoFundMe page account: