A lot of clean up on Thursday for 26-year-old Ishan Lalani and his parents. They own the Citgo gas station on Highway 96 S in Buna.

On Wednesday, torrential rains flooded out their store. “It was like you can swim.” Said Lalani.

The heavy rain damaged their roof and floodwaters made its way inside. Lalani told 12News it took only 15 minutes for the water to take over the building.

“It was chaos. It was really bad and it was muddy all over the place.” He said.

More than 10 inches of rain fell in Buna Wednesday forcing the Lalani family to close the store for the day.

On Thursday, they woke up to floor tiles completely torn off along with damaged merchandise.

“We lost a lot of money with the floor so we had to get that floor work done.” Lalani said.

The Lalani family tells 12News they will continue to keep their business open for customers even if Mother Nature decided to target them again.

“It’s happened before, it got really bad. This is the worse one we have ever had.”

The owners explain their flood insurance does not cover flood damage but they do estimate about 20 to 30 thousand dollars in damage inside their store because of Wednesday’s storm.