From high school drop out to a 2nd-grade teacher, one woman from Pineland shares the excitement in finally going back to school to her very own classroom.

"I was a high school drop out because of the many struggles that I had," says Kellie Roddam.

From high school drop out to 2nd-grade teacher at West Sabine Independent School District in Pineland, Roddam overcame an obstacle and is now a bigger impact to her community.

As the summer break comes to an end, over 800 teachers like her prepare for the first day back to school.

"It's exciting to do it every year," She says.

"When it gets close to school, you get excited about the classroom," Roddam explains.

Port Neches High School hosted the annual Region 5 Curriculum conference.

"It's just a great thing for teachers to come out and learn different things to start off this brand new year," says Lisa Yoes, with the Region 5 Education Service Center.

Inspiring those like Roddam.

"I just want to reach at least one child and make a difference," Roddam explains.