From stray dog to a human savior, a woman from Vidor is praising the dog she rescued and crediting him with saving her life.

The 89-year-old woman tells us "Buddy" barked and howled, she believes to have alerted others that she needed help.

"If he hadn't been here, I probably wouldn't be alive right now," says Tera Cuming, who took in the dog.

She says 'Buddy' is now her hero.

"I kept my arm around him to calm him down," she says.

"If it hadn't been for him I probably would have bled to death," Cumings explains.

It was an intense fall that left her on the ground covered in blood and she says that the blood was just spurting everywhere.

The loud barks by 'Buddy' caught the attention of Joe Taylor, who lives behind Cumings home.

"She was trying to close the door when she fell," Taylor says.

"She hit herself on the door hinge right on the forehead, it cut open almost to her eyeball and down her cheekbone," he explains.

Over a year and a half ago the future of the stray dog was very uncertain, It is now being praised as being a hero.

"The first night I saw him he spent the night out on my glider, 'Buddy' has been mine ever since," Cumings explains.

The once stray dog seen roaming the streets is now credited with saving a life.

"Buddy was sent from God to protect this little old lady," says Taylor.

"If it wasn't for 'Buddy', we wouldn't have her today," he says.

Buddy is proof that dogs might not be our whole life, but they can make our lives whole.

"It makes me feel so grateful, God sent that dog just for me," Cumings says.