Friends and family are mourning the loss of an orange county father of two children who was killed in a motorcycle accident.

24-year old Cullen Mann's motorcycle crashed at the intersection of FM 1136 and Turtle Road in orange county Wednesday morning.

Mann’s coworker, Terrance Samuel said he formed a close bond with him when they worked at a fabricating company over the past year. Several of his co-workers called Mann by the nickname “Catfish.”

“It’s like a brother hood, everywhere we go, we never meet a stranger,” said Samuel.

Every morning both of them met at dairy queen to eat food then carpool to work.

“He called and woke me up this morning, that’s the kind of friendship we had,” said Samuel. “When you get up he called me to tell me he’d be there."

Samuel explained he knew something was wrong when Mann never showed up at the Dairy Queen. When he arrived at work, Samuel found out his friend was killed in a motorcycle accident.

"It broke me down this morning because when you work with them every day you see them more than your family," said Samuel.

Troopers said Cullen’s bike crashed into a utility pole and mailbox at the intersection of FM 1136 and Turtle road, in orange county.

However, troopers said they are not sure what caused him to go off the road.

Samuel explained Cullen just bought his Harley Bike in February and was very proud of his purchase.

“Catfish is one of the ones, he see’s something he want, he’s going to do what it takes to get it, he is determined you know," said Mann.

Samuel said his friend also spoke fondly about his 2-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter.

"Just a great guy he loved his kids, he is a family guy you know he took care of business," said Mann.

Samuel said he will never forget his friend and is praying for the family.

Mann’s brother, Clint Mann talked to 12news off camera. He said his brother always made everybody feel welcome and was always smiling. He described Cullen a very hard worker who loved his family and friends very much.

Clint Mann said they plan on having his funeral at the Claybar Funeral home but they are still working on the details.