The anniversary of the Dallas police attacks hits close to home for friends of Port Arthur native Sergeant Michael Smith who was killed in the line of duty.

The Thomas Jefferson High School grad is among the five officers who were killed by a sniper in Dallas a year ago.

His friend Ken Shepherd said he will never forget the day he found out his friend died.

"It’s heart breaking when I first heard it, I couldn't believe it,” said Shepherd. “I did not believe it, it was a heartbreaker, it was tough.”

Shepherd met Sergeant Smith at Thomas Jefferson High School in Port Arthur. The two formed a close bond joking around in class and looking out for one another.

"He could assist you in anyway, that’s him, that’s the type of person we lost we lost a good man,” said Shepherd.

They both graduated in the Class of 1979 then went in different directions.

Smith went to Lamar University and received a bachelors in business administration then went off to Dallas to become a police officer.

"It didn't shock me to know he went into a field that helped people, that was his character," said Shepherd.

Port Arthur Police turned on their patrol car lights to honor the fallen officers while they remember their fallen Port Arthur brother.

"It really hit home for us to know one of our brothers was actually from here and it meant a lot to come out and support this event for him," said Port Arthur Deputy Chief Cory Cole.

Shepherd said he lost touch with Smith after school but will never forget the impact he made on his life.

“I enjoyed his company, we did a lot in school," said Shepherd. "You truly miss a real good person, it’s something that actually goes to your heart and it hurts," said Shepherd.

Sergeant Smith was a 28-year-veteran with the Dallas police department and a U.S army veteran.