Beaumont police continue to search for suspects involved in an early morning shooting that claimed the life of a Beaumont father and left his seven-year-old little girl in the hospital fighting for her life.

28-year-old Alkevin Glenn Mire and his daughter Lay were shot in the 4500 block of Harding Street around 1 a.m. this morning.

A friend of the family who wishes to remain anonymous said Mire was a very good father to his little girl.

“He was the epitome of a good father, he took his daughter with him you know wherever he went," said Mire’s friend.

Beaumont police said the little girl is currently in the hospital in critical condition.

"Not only does she have to fight for her life after being a victim of it but live the rest of her life without her father," said the friend.

Police responded to a call about multiple gunshots on Harding drive near the intersection of Wilson Street at 1 a.m Tuesday morning. Both of the victims were taken to the hospital were Alkevin Mire was pronounced dead.

"It’s still a tragedy, so much is going on with kids and so much is going on and the main thing is for the community to come together," said the friend.

Mire was well known in the community as a barber who cut hair from his own home and as a rapper.

“It’s something different, he’s someone so peaceful someone who is against violence, it’s just so bad,” said Mire’s friend.

This is Beaumont’s 7th Homicide this year and several city officials gathered for a meeting to ensure the public that police will crack down on violence in the city.

“We are here today to ensure the citizens of Beaumont that well do whatever it takes to make our citizens safe,” said Beaumont Chief Jimmy Singleary.

However, Mire’s friend is still worried about what the future may hold and said he thinks his friend was targeted and demands justice.

“We want justice, we really want to find out who did it,” said the friend.