Air fresheners helped lead deputies to about 3 kilos of cocaine Wednesday morning along Interstate 10.

Jesus Manuel Rubalcava, 40, of Houston, was arrested after Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputies assigned to the Narcotics Task Force discovered the cocaine in a hidden compartment in the Volvo SUV he was driving eastbound on IH-10 according to a release from the sheriff's office.

Deputies stopped Rubalcava, who was alone, just after 8 a.m. about a mile west of Highway 365 according to the release and after speaking to him and smelling a strong air freshener smell they asked for consent to search his car the release said.

After Rubalcava consented to the search deputies noticed that the front seat "belt bolts" had been tampered with and this led them to find a hidden compartment under the seats according to the release.

Deputies then took the vehicle to the Jefferson County Service Center where after removing the seats and opening the hidden compartment deputies found the cocaine the release said.

Rubalcava was arrested and charged with "possession of a controlled substance" which is first degree felony

He remains in the Jefferson County Correctional Facility where his bond is set at $100,000 according to jailers.