A former Port Arthur city council woman is contesting the results of the recent city elections in Port Arthur.

Attorneys from Ray & Wood Attorney's At Law filed a petition Thursday on behalf of Tiffany Hamilton, who lost the race for District Two in Port Arthur in the May 6, 2017, election accoring to a release from Hamilton.

Hamilton, who received 49.5% of the votes, lost the election by 1% to Cal Jones who received 50.5% of the votes.

Hamilton and her attorneys say that according to the election voter's log some eligible voters in District Two were denied their right to vote.

Her attorneys cited several examples including...

  • A voter was given a ballot for District One after providing proof of eligibility for District Two
  • An election judge said an eligible District Two voter had already voted and turned them away
  • An eligible District Two voter was rejected at two polling locations and not offered a provisional ballot
  • Some eligible District Two voters were registered in District One

Hamilton and her attorneys contend that had these voters been able to vote the outcome of the election would have been different.

They are also demanding that the court call a new election if the evidence shows that the true election outcome can not be determined.