Former Orange County Sheriff, Mike White describes being at the right place at the right time. He was one the way to Liberty when he saw a car flipped over on South Pine Island Road in Jefferson County.

There were two teen girls trapped inside the vehicle. The driver was standing next to the car yelling for help.

"I just went down the ditch and got the second girl out. She wanted to get the younger girl out." White said.

The Department of Public Safety spokesperson says a 16-year-old girl from Beaumont was speeding and lost control of the car.

White told 12News no one was there to help yet and he immediately jumped into action. "I just kept trying to talk to them to make sure they would talk and not go to sleep since they both hit their heads." said White.

He also said the driver could not call 911 because her phone had shattered due to the impact of the crash. As soon as he pulled over, they were able to reach first responders.

In the mean time, the former sheriff did what he had to do to keep the teens conscious and calm while waiting for rescue workers.

"I prayed. They were in a lot of pain and all I was trying to do was keep them breathing." he said.

Even though White has put the badge away, he says helping others will always be a priority.