The former treasurer from the Lumberton Band Booster Club is behind bars at the Hardin County Jail.

Police said 46-year-old Helen Cox spent over $70,000 dollars using the band booster club money. According to the probable cause affidavit the money went missing from the account in October.

Lumberton Police Lieutenant Joey Breaux investigated the case and said the money was spent primarily on gambling at casinos in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Breaux also said she spent money at a Dentist's office, Home Depot, Wal-Mart and other stores.

The booster club president said he noticed something was wrong when checks started bouncing in October. Later, he went to the bank to gain online access to the booster club accounts and said he couldn't believe his eyes.

"When I found out about it I almost fainted, all the blood ran out of my face and I almost passed out,” said Booster Club President Randy Eason. “It was a complete shock."

Breaux said she spent the money over a five month period from June to October. In the probable cause affidavit it states Cox gambled to release stress from work and her divorce.

“In this instance here we’ve seen a lot of gambling and I think it’s an addiction as well,” said Breaux.

When police took Cox to court, 12 news asked if she stole the money or used it for gambling but she refused to make a comment.

Despite this loss, the band is moving forward and has received help from the community and other bands across Texas. Eason said he hopes to raise enough money so the band can go on their Disney trip next year.

"All the band families have helped out,” said Eason. “Band is like a family, they all stepped up to help because they see the value of Lumberton band program."

Cox is bond is set at 250,000 dollars. Police said she is arrested for Misapplication of fiduciary property and could face up to ten years in jail.