Demolition began Tuesday on the once prominent restaurant the Pig Stand. Now piles of bricks and steel are all that remains of the Beaumont staple.

“Customers would come in and not have anywhere to sit because we were so busy at lunch, so then they were like ‘Oh they can sit with me’,” said Margaret Koncaba, who worked at the restaurant for 20 years. “And so they just formed friendships. And I’ve just met so many people through my life and just had…so many good times with all the costumers.”

Although she knew that this day was coming, Koncaba says she’s sad to see it go.

“Just broke my heart,” said Koncaba. “Just knowing the memories, and so many employees that raised their children on the pig stand. And costumers who brought their children here, and their children’s children. Just so much history.”

The pig stand was such a big part of her life that she even tried to purchase it after it closed

“Even customers were trying to give me money,” Koncaba. “‘Here you go, I can give you 10,000 dollars, that’ll help’. But it wasn’t enough.

She says that although the Pig Stand was demolished, she hopes the preservation of historic buildings in Beaumont continues.

“I hope that they do keep trying to preserve these buildings,” said Koncaba. “Because it is a part of history and we’ve lost so much of it.”

There is a plan to build a new convenience store on sight, but there is no word of when that construction will take place.