Two former Jasper Mayors were involved in a physical altercation on Tuesday morning.

Former mayor and KJAS radio owner Mike Lout says an argument with former mayor Randy Sayers turned physical. Lout says he punched Sayers in the face.

Lout says he and Sayers were friends for many years.

Sayers is a certified public accountant and handles the account for Lout’s business, KJAS radio.

After an argument at Jasper City Council on Monday evening, Lout says he went to Sayers’ office on Tuesday to take his business elsewhere.

"During my visit there, he and I got into a heated argument about Jasper politics, he being a former mayor and me being a former mayor. And one thing led to another, and he jumped up from behind the desk and came at me, I thought he was about to swing at me, and so I hit him first," Lout said.

Lout gave a statement to the Jasper Police Department about the incident. The department confirmed they are investigating the case.

12 News reached out to Sayers’ accounting firm for comment.

Jasper residents like Charles Gee heard about the punch soon after it happened.

"I was disappointed in the fact we have two people who ran for mayor, and I thought both did a good job...and it turned into this, which I don't think we need," Gee said.

Lout says he’s sorry that it escalated to a physical level. He hopes it doesn’t affect his friendship with Sayers.

"I hope we can be friends in the future and patch it up, I don't hold any grudge about it," Lout said.

Sayers resigned as mayor of Jasper last Friday due to health issues.