Radio personality Jake Weber is still wearing his media credentials from the country music festival, Route 91 in Las Vegas.

Weber who was known as "Chase" from the "Happy Hour Show with Gary Lee and Chase" on NASH 101.7 did what any journalist would do. He took out his cell phone and started rolling when chaos took over.

"As we were walking along, suddenly you hear these pop, pop, pop! And it sounds like fireworks and Jason just finished his first song. You can hear it all the way back to the hotel." Weber said.

Weber is now the general manager of a group of radio stations in northern Minnesota. He went to Las Vegas to cover the country music festival and stayed at the Mandalay Bay hotel.

He was on his way to the concert venue when he first heard gunshots and decided to go back to the hotel and record with his phone.

"We stayed at the Michael Jackson Theater. There's already like 900 people there that were there for the show that were stuck there. Add another 100 of us and there's about 1,000 people that were stranded in the Michael Jackson Theater for four and a half hours." he explained.

Weber said people were in fear not knowing if friends or family members were among the ones killed or injured.

He witnessed the moment a group of people found out their son had passed away in the shooting.

Despite Sunday's massacre, Weber said that will not stop him or other music lovers from attending next year's country music festival.