Football, a sport made in America but perfected in Texas. After the devastating floods caused by Hurricane Harvey, the first week of football in Southeast Texas couldn’t be played. Players, coaches, and communities with homes underwater.

“It really kind of depressing to walk into your house and see two feet of water covering everything,” said East Chambers Offensive Lineman, Sam Newman.

Even though Newman’s home was flooded, he is ready for football. Ready for normalcy.

“I think everyone has been working really hard,” said Newman. “I believe that coming out here on Friday night, seeing the lights turned on, could bring everyone some hope.”

At Hamshire-Fannett, two teams sharing facilities. The Longhorns lending a hand to the Beaumont Ozen Panthers. Both teams dealing with loss. Both teams overcoming.

“It feels great to be back with my boys, you know this is my family around here. We just trying to wake everyone up in the 4-0-9,” said Julius Rattler, a Junior wide receiver at Ozen, whose house was flooded during the storm.

For Hamshire-Fannett Coach Bill Jehling, even after all of the destruction, his own home flooding in the process, he believes football is a welcome release.

“I just think us getting back out on the field Friday night is just going to be big for our community,” said Jehling. “They are going to know no matter how bad it gets , Hamshire-Fannett, we come together as one, we are strong community, we look out for each other. This is one of the best towns I’ve ever been at with community support for our program, and I know when we get out on Friday night, it’s just bring a sense of normalcy to people lives."