Drivers on Washington Boulevard ran into some serious flooding on Tuesday afternoon.

Sonny’s BBQ II owner, Anita Allison, told 12News flooding is a problem outside her restaurant every time it rains.

“We need to get something done because it affects the businesses here and like across the street. It’s just a hazard people driving around the city.” Said Allison.

Allison said even though the water has never made it insider her restaurant, flooding can cause a headache for her customers.

“They’ll avoid the area because it is flooded here.”> Allison said.

The road was flooded on Waco St. and Washington Blvd and also on the corner of 5th St. and Washington.

“The water has been here for years and every time it rains, it floods!” said Marshall Scott.

On Tuesday, City of Beaumont workers were seen driving by the affected area, however, Scott said he wants the city to fix the flooding issue.

“Just on Washington, if you go through the ditches, they are full of water and people’s yards and stuff.” Said Scott.

12News reached out to the City of Beaumont Streets and Drainage department for comment but we are still waiting to hear back from them about the issue.