Flood relief is coming to Jefferson County, the Drainage District Number 6 is working to expand Taylor’s Bayou to force water into the Gulf of Mexico faster.

Homeowners like Robert Haacke a break from frequent flooding.

“It’s been scary, it's [flood water] has gotten up pretty high,” says Haacke.

Haacke has been living on Sandy Lane in Fannett for over 50 years, and he says there's never a year that the streets don’t get flooded.

“We've had access in our homes but it did get about 3-4 inches in the house one time,” He says

Jefferson County Drainage District is expecting to reduce flooding from Nome to Labelle and south towards Winnie.

“It's going to relieve a tremendous amount of flooding in the area,” says District Engineer Doug Canant.

The entire project is 1.4 million cubic yards of dirt, and with every scoop of the excavator, 7 cubic yards of dirt is taken from the bayou, estimating about 3 years for the project’s completion.

Canant says this will also help other projects in the future.

“It sets in place capacity for the future when other projects need to feed into this project, we don't have to worry about causing mainstream flooding,” Canant explains.

Jefferson County is making strides in providing permanent relief from floods to those residents like Haacke.

The blue area in the map are the areas expected to receive flood relief.